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Me and Twitter….future friends? | February 1, 2009

”Line Olesen is….”

What am I doing, what have I been doing, and what do I want to do? Modern technology enables us to answer all these questions in a second if we make use of the so-called social media. Phenomena such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter give us the opportunity globally to keep up with the life and the state of mind of both close and random people.

In my PR class 2330 with Barbara Nixon I was recently introduced to the last-mentioned mass communication Twitter which has been both a pleasure and challenge to work with.

First of all, it was hard for me to draw my attention towards Twitter when Facebook has always been the most preferable – I simple forgot that I had to update my status on Twitter. After a while I began to see the advantages of Twitter. It is undoubtedly an effective way of getting in touch with people with similar interests.

The fact that you can follow everyone without their acceptance really enlarges your own network in terms of getting inspiration or feedback on your own thoughts and ideas. Since all updates pop up as the first thing in your profile, you cannot miss any pearls that might fall from someone’s lips which is like striking gold for a callow Danish exchange student like me. So maybe someday I will benefit of a piece of information from a guy, I do not even know just because we both joined Twitter.

However, I do sometimes fear that this constantly nosing into other people’s lives someday will pass beyond reasonable limits. I do acknowledge that Twitter is somehow more professional in terms of sharing professional opinions than e.g. Facebook but it astonishes me how some people have this strong urge of knowing everything about everybody.

Luckily, it still is our own decision how much we want to let out in public.

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  1. Some good thoughts here, Line. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Barbara Nixon — February 15, 2009 @ 10:02 pm

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