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Who said it was gonna be easy… | February 4, 2009

Well…. Ive been here for over 1 month and still feels like a freakin idiot when Im in class… Ill never make fun of an exchange student ever again!

Just pisses me off when people laugh when were not talking perfectly english!!!

Anyway…now Im looking forward to the weekend – going to Florida with the other Scandinavians yeahuuu!!!! Statesboro….hmm…nothing bad about it….but its kinda boring when you dont have a car!!!

And who would have thought that we were gonna find ourselves sitting at the library until late night…..EVERY night… how du you guys do it?!? Never did that many homework at home 🙂

Now Im almost ready to finish the day…just have to do a blog post in PR – still trying to figure out how to use this blog :S

Tired, hungry (that lake side wrap didnt saturate a lot) and ready to go to bed….wednesday – the day from hell 🙂

Sweet dreams out there 😉

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