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Wag the Dog | February 16, 2009

Personally, I believe that the PR practitioner’s actions and behavior are closest to the situational value orientation. They do not see anything wrong about the way they act during the whole process as long as their goal will be fulfilled which of course is to let the president get re-elected. The situational approach is basically to let the result benefit the largest number of people which in this movie could refer to the president and all of his supporters. They are only concerned about their own and the president’s interests which means that they do not care about the people they hurt along the way as long as the result turn out positive in their favor.

According to PRSA’s Code of Ethics the PR practitioners act unethically in several areas. First of all, they do not seem to show any kind of honesty to the public. The news clip, the song etc. are all based on a fake and mendacious foundation. Furthermore, you can say that they all have a high degree of expertise within the field of producing the news clip but it is certanly not the most fair solution considering the credability towards the public.

The movie title “Wag the Dog” is probably a way of referring to when things get out of control. By that I mean, that if you say “wag the dog” it could be seen as when the tail takes control over the dog and not the other natural way around. This is in some ways almost what happens in the movie. The PR practitioners go from having everything frightening under control to loosing it and slowly turn into being “the underdog” of the whole situation.

Concerning stereotypes I think it is hard for me to determine whether the PR practitioners confirm it negatively or positively i the movie. The whole PR environment seems a little bit superfisial which in some ways are how I imagine the life of a PR practitioner to be. However, it is very obvious that they put a lot of serious effort in their job which is a positive aspect of the whole situation. O

However, when the whole spin is based on a big lie, I think it is hard to see the positive effects and aspects of the situation as a whole.

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