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Listening to PR podcasts! | April 6, 2009

“Marketing Over Coffee” – Christopher Penn and John Wall.

The first PR podcast I listened to was dealing with some of the newest trends in the field of social media as well as answering questions on how to become successful in PR and marketing without necessary majoring in any of two subjects.

They told briefly about a new invention called “bar codes”, which is an optical machine-readable representation of data ( It is now possible to buy 3 dimensional baseball cards that will let the figures on the card appear in a 3 dimensional format.

Secondly, the answered questions from random persons, asking for their opinion concerning career options in PR and marketing. Both of them stated pretty clearly that from their experience, it isn’t necessary to educate in marketing in order to become a successful marketing practitioner. As marketing and PR interacts with IT, finance, sales etc. it is of much more value just to be updated on what is going on in the field of social media, marketing tools and inventions etc. Furthermore, they stated that everything is moving so fast, that it is hard for academic institutions to make the courses aimed directly to your career and to develop materials that are up to date with all the recent technologies.

“Social Media Haters” – Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker

Second podcast was dealing with social media haters and the whole Facebook and Twitter movement. Basically the girls’ respond to the social media haters was: “Both Facebook and Twitter are tools, but it is up to you how to use them. If you don’t like it, turn it off!”

What they were most annoyed about, was the fact that the social media haters they’ve heard complaining in public, has ever been using neither Facebook nor Twitter. So they questioned whether they were entitled to talk negative about a phenomenon they didn’t even give a decent chance. Here I’d have to agree. I mean, id you just take a glance at something, how will you be able to see the value.

Both of the girls acknowledge that no social media can make up for the power of good journalism: they just try to point out that the use of social media is a good way of interacting with social community in our society today where people hardly have any time to eat. Whatever you see it as an opportunity to make social investments with other people, or if you just use Facebook as a way to kill time, it should be your own individual matter. The girls strongly emphasize that they don’t see a point of dealing with the choices of other people, as long as you find your own personal satisfaction.

Personally, I believe that no matter if you use social media as a way of blowing off stream or as an academically helpful friend; it can only be your own battle. Stop caring about what other people think. Find your own way of using the tool. If you don’t like the hammer, stop knocking yourself in the head with it!

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