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Another 48 hours of Twitter! | April 22, 2009

For an inexperienced Danish student, this whole Twitter thing seemed almost overwhelming (I know I know it sounds stupid) when the only thing I’ve ever found easy to grasp was Facebook. However…..

….I have got to admit, that I’m a lot more comfortable with Twitter after putting an effort in getting to know how it really works. Still, I know that I’m probably not as effecient as you could be, when you try to get confident with new technologies. This new 48 hour assigment gave me an opportunity to give Twitter a chance before I just swept it away like an insect…

Slowly, I started to realize the actual power of Twitter and the growth fase it has been going through and still goes through. Even after only a little research, you can’t avoid bumping into to several articles, blogposts, diagrams etc. referring to the incredibly success Twitter has developed; already taking over other big well-established social media like MySpace and LinkedIn.

I think the speed of this success is probably what surprised me the most, since I’ve never heard of Twitter before Barbara Nixon introduced it in my PR class.

Moreover, I certanly realised how vital this tool is to many professionals. I mean if you take a quick glance you’ll see how many relevant links and comments people share with each other in order to improve their work and interaction with other professionals within the same field.

What I found as the biggest difference in this 48 hours of Twitter compared to my first Twitter assignment, is the fact that I actually put some personal energy into my tweets! Period.

I mean, it was kind of exiting to “explore” the field of PR which obviously is a quite multifaceted world. I tried to get a glance into not only the daily life of a PR practitioner, but also some of the less positive aspects in PR such as for example the power of PR manipulation.

All in all I’d have to conclude that I still don’t believe that Twitter will become a vital part of my own way of communicating with people. Howeve, I’d like to emphasize that I most certanly acknowledge the importance of social media and the way that Twitter enables people to gain both personal and professional know-how form each other!

If  I’d have to state one thing that would make me more interested in following people, it would be some sort of personal profile extension, so you could get a closer look on who you’re following and why this person would be of relevance to you.

3 Twitters I’d recommend:

1. Tamika Morrison @ http://https//

Why? Because she has a lot of experience as a PR professional. She is the founder and CEO of Thewritestylzprfirm in Atlanta and has worked with numerous famous and diverse people.

2. Robert French @

Why? Because h is the guy that founded PROpenMic. Moreover, Robert teaches public relations at Auburn University. Robert has been actively involved in this discipline for over 25 years with experience ranging from public relations, broadcasting and university administration to teaching.

3. Robin M. Caldwell @

Why? Because she started in PR and publicity over twenty years ago, and have worked with Barry White, Katherine Dunham, Bernice King, and myriad others. Spent a number of years in higher education as a teacher of mass-mediated images of African Americans (have stereotype questions, ask her), while working on political campaigns and other public campaigns. Walked a red carpet and have had a book client on the Essence Bestsellers List TWICE.

That’s it from me… again just a little bit wiser in the world of social media!

You’ll find me on Twitter @Line_Olesen

…..tweeting away 😀

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  1. You might also want to follow Andrea Vascellari (@vascellari) — he’s a PR pro and professor from Finland. Good for the European perspective.

    Comment by Barbara Nixon — April 24, 2009 @ 8:54 pm

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