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Media rumours spread faster than swine flu! | April 30, 2009

As I’ve mentioned before, the media is powerful… but I can’t help but wonder… to what extent should we believe everything we get from the media?

In these days where there’s a constant alert of being aware of the swine flu virus, I think it’s hard to distinguish between real facts and media rumours (of course maybe it’s because I don’t always put an effort in examing the truth of what I’m reading)… However, I do think I’ve learned after being an activ member in several social medias, that you shouldn’t always believe in everything you read 🙂

Sometimes I’d just wish the media would stop screaming before it is actually necessary!

People are not always capable of filtering what they read and hear. That’s why you should be careful posting false facts on blogs, Twitter etc. because the panic will spread even faster than the swine flu has done so far!

I had to laugh when I read this… how discriminating is it to think that fat people are immune to the virus!…. some on people! I’m not a pessimist, but sometimes you just have to be critically of what you hear 😀


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