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Another 48 hours of Twitter!

April 22, 2009
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For an inexperienced Danish student, this whole Twitter thing seemed almost overwhelming (I know I know it sounds stupid) when the only thing I’ve ever found easy to grasp was Facebook. However…..

….I have got to admit, that I’m a lot more comfortable with Twitter after putting an effort in getting to know how it really works. Still, I know that I’m probably not as effecient as you could be, when you try to get confident with new technologies. This new 48 hour assigment gave me an opportunity to give Twitter a chance before I just swept it away like an insect…

Slowly, I started to realize the actual power of Twitter and the growth fase it has been going through and still goes through. Even after only a little research, you can’t avoid bumping into to several articles, blogposts, diagrams etc. referring to the incredibly success Twitter has developed; already taking over other big well-established social media like MySpace and LinkedIn.

I think the speed of this success is probably what surprised me the most, since I’ve never heard of Twitter before Barbara Nixon introduced it in my PR class.

Moreover, I certanly realised how vital this tool is to many professionals. I mean if you take a quick glance you’ll see how many relevant links and comments people share with each other in order to improve their work and interaction with other professionals within the same field.

What I found as the biggest difference in this 48 hours of Twitter compared to my first Twitter assignment, is the fact that I actually put some personal energy into my tweets! Period.

I mean, it was kind of exiting to “explore” the field of PR which obviously is a quite multifaceted world. I tried to get a glance into not only the daily life of a PR practitioner, but also some of the less positive aspects in PR such as for example the power of PR manipulation.

All in all I’d have to conclude that I still don’t believe that Twitter will become a vital part of my own way of communicating with people. Howeve, I’d like to emphasize that I most certanly acknowledge the importance of social media and the way that Twitter enables people to gain both personal and professional know-how form each other!

If  I’d have to state one thing that would make me more interested in following people, it would be some sort of personal profile extension, so you could get a closer look on who you’re following and why this person would be of relevance to you.

3 Twitters I’d recommend:

1. Tamika Morrison @ http://https//

Why? Because she has a lot of experience as a PR professional. She is the founder and CEO of Thewritestylzprfirm in Atlanta and has worked with numerous famous and diverse people.

2. Robert French @

Why? Because h is the guy that founded PROpenMic. Moreover, Robert teaches public relations at Auburn University. Robert has been actively involved in this discipline for over 25 years with experience ranging from public relations, broadcasting and university administration to teaching.

3. Robin M. Caldwell @

Why? Because she started in PR and publicity over twenty years ago, and have worked with Barry White, Katherine Dunham, Bernice King, and myriad others. Spent a number of years in higher education as a teacher of mass-mediated images of African Americans (have stereotype questions, ask her), while working on political campaigns and other public campaigns. Walked a red carpet and have had a book client on the Essence Bestsellers List TWICE.

That’s it from me… again just a little bit wiser in the world of social media!

You’ll find me on Twitter @Line_Olesen

…..tweeting away 😀


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Interview with a PR practitioner!

April 8, 2009
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In my PR class with Barbara Nixon, we were asked to do an interview with a PR practitioner… To get a glance into the real world of PR and get the stories told by a person who’s been in the battlefield for a while and knows the pros and cons of the PR world 🙂

I signed up on this website and asked for help from a PR practitioner….within a few hours a friendly soul already responded, offering to draw on her experiences. I emailed her the same afternoon after which she quickly responded.

Her name is Tamika Morrison. About 31/2 years ago she started her own PR firm after having been a freelance writer for several different culture magazines. She has always had a passion for writing; in that way she felt it as a natural transition to go into PR. Today the full-service boutique agency firm has a two headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. Tamika is working in the Atlanta firm which employees seven people and has a team of three interns, among others college students.

She said it was very hard to say how a typical work for her looks like, because no day is the same! She is primarily dealing with press releases, preparing media lists, client updates and meetings and communication with the media directly and indirectly, and she states clearly that a every day in her working life is unpredictable….in a good way of course…. this only contributes with excitement!

Tamika did a lot of projects – all of which she is very proud! For instance did they have have clients that garnered attention from Oprah, Dr. Phil and The Tyra Show. Also TV stations like CNN and local networks responded to some of their projects. However, what she is the most proud about are the projects that involve non-profits. The non-profit projects live up to what she wants her firm to stand for, as well as they are  the ones reaching back and touching their communities. “When I can secure media coverage for all to see their work, then it makes me very happy and very proud,” Tamika said.

Like in every other job Tamika has met a lot of challenges during her time working with very different communication people. What challenge her the most is the people who are not “media ready”, as she said. They are still determining their real competitive edge and haven’t had the professional guidance to get clear about it. That’s why, as a professional, Tamika has to admit that in some cases, they had to jump the gun with this client and inevitably had to let the relationship go.

Furthermore, I asked what the strangest thing that has ever happened to her. To that she responded that everyday is a strange day in PR and unpredictable no matter how well they always try to plan. The media don’t take their time schedule into account – they call whenever it’s convenient for them and then Tamika and her staff just have to make sure, they’re ready or at least return that call ASAP!

I was curious what she would say, when I asked how important written skills and communication are in her role/day. The answer was unmistakable: “It’s everything! It’s the basis for what we do. Period.”

Tamika is involved with the Charlotte Area Associate of Black Journalists (CAABJ).

Conclusively, she emphasized that she had one important piece of advice to everyone who wants to work with PR: “Own your passion for it, and don’t let ‘not interested’ deter you. You will hear it often; it’s the nature of the beast, but trust your self that you have a talent, that shouldn’t be wasted!”

With these words I finished my interview….a lot wiser on the world of a PR practitioner and with a little bit more confidence, that it isn’t impossible to reach your goal as long as you are passionate about the things you do!

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Are you a podcast lover?

April 6, 2009
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… me 🙂

Check out this website for aaaany type of podcast!

Almost impossible not to find an interesting topic in the alley…enjoy 🙂

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Listening to PR podcasts!

April 6, 2009
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“Marketing Over Coffee” – Christopher Penn and John Wall.

The first PR podcast I listened to was dealing with some of the newest trends in the field of social media as well as answering questions on how to become successful in PR and marketing without necessary majoring in any of two subjects.

They told briefly about a new invention called “bar codes”, which is an optical machine-readable representation of data ( It is now possible to buy 3 dimensional baseball cards that will let the figures on the card appear in a 3 dimensional format.

Secondly, the answered questions from random persons, asking for their opinion concerning career options in PR and marketing. Both of them stated pretty clearly that from their experience, it isn’t necessary to educate in marketing in order to become a successful marketing practitioner. As marketing and PR interacts with IT, finance, sales etc. it is of much more value just to be updated on what is going on in the field of social media, marketing tools and inventions etc. Furthermore, they stated that everything is moving so fast, that it is hard for academic institutions to make the courses aimed directly to your career and to develop materials that are up to date with all the recent technologies.

“Social Media Haters” – Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker

Second podcast was dealing with social media haters and the whole Facebook and Twitter movement. Basically the girls’ respond to the social media haters was: “Both Facebook and Twitter are tools, but it is up to you how to use them. If you don’t like it, turn it off!”

What they were most annoyed about, was the fact that the social media haters they’ve heard complaining in public, has ever been using neither Facebook nor Twitter. So they questioned whether they were entitled to talk negative about a phenomenon they didn’t even give a decent chance. Here I’d have to agree. I mean, id you just take a glance at something, how will you be able to see the value.

Both of the girls acknowledge that no social media can make up for the power of good journalism: they just try to point out that the use of social media is a good way of interacting with social community in our society today where people hardly have any time to eat. Whatever you see it as an opportunity to make social investments with other people, or if you just use Facebook as a way to kill time, it should be your own individual matter. The girls strongly emphasize that they don’t see a point of dealing with the choices of other people, as long as you find your own personal satisfaction.

Personally, I believe that no matter if you use social media as a way of blowing off stream or as an academically helpful friend; it can only be your own battle. Stop caring about what other people think. Find your own way of using the tool. If you don’t like the hammer, stop knocking yourself in the head with it!

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obviously not born to be a blogger…..

March 30, 2009
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… trying to figure out this whole wordpress/openmic/twitter world…

what else is new… living at the library – is it really worth it? hmm hoping to get at least one A with me home 🙂

time’s running and I don’t know how to feel bout that…soon I’ll be back in DK – hopefully as a new an improved better person….hmm… 🙂 or maybe just more rich in experiences and how US people really are 🙂

i’m out of ideas, energy and self-esteem when it comes to blogging 🙂

anywho….still loving it all overhere!!!

//Line 😉

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10 tips to job search and job interviews!

March 3, 2009
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Top 10 tips for job interviews

Before the job interview à the job search:

1.       Use your network. Networking is powerful and should not be underestimated. Don’t be afraid of asking your social network about advice – often people are both willing and able to help you get in touch with persons or firms which could be relevant for what you are looking for.


2.       Create a blog which describes your academic goals, your qualifications etc. or at least become online available in some way e.g. on Twitter. Today most companies use social media in the recruiting process so put yourself out there à this also indicates that you don’t just sit back and wait for them to discover your talents.


3.       Create a strong CV. A professional CV is of vital importance in the job searching process.


4.       Make an effort. Don’t expect that your dream company will track you down and beg you to work for them. Show your surroundings that you are willing to work hard, to develop and learn from the people around you.



Just before and during the job interview:


5.       Do a thorough research about the company or organization. This will enable you to ask sophisticated and knowledgeable questions during the interview. Most employers will probably expect you to have a certain amount of knowledge of the company where you are applying for a job.    


6.       Prepare your personal papers for the interview. This could be extra copies of your resume, academic recommendations etc.


7.       Have a confident and strong appearance = non verbal behavior. Give a positive and convincing handshake as it indicates that you are not uncomfortable with the interview situation. Furthermore, maintain eye contact and sit straight during the conversation.  Don’t be too confident and energetic as it will only indicate too much self-confidence. Be humble but seem ready to meet the challenges of the possible employment.


8.       Dress properly for the job interview which is business like.


9.       Never chew gum, smell of smoke or have your cell phone turned on during a job interview.


10.   Listen carefully to the interviewer BUT have some questions ready yourself that off course are relevant to the job. This shows enthusiasm about the job or the firm.  

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Almost halfway…

March 2, 2009
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Well now I’ve been in the states for 2 months… its been a pleasure so far – hard work but just thankful that I even get these experiences!

Never thought I was gonna spend so much time at the library…hate to admit it, but I actually kinda stated liking it 😀

In 12 days its springbreak yihaaaa!!! Going to Miami with me Danish girlfriend – OMG isnt it gonna be fuuuun… Hope im pumped up with energy when I get back to Statesboro…

Okay this was a quicky but Im off to classes…

Still havin fun and enjoying everything… miss my DK dolls though 😉

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Wag the Dog

February 16, 2009
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Personally, I believe that the PR practitioner’s actions and behavior are closest to the situational value orientation. They do not see anything wrong about the way they act during the whole process as long as their goal will be fulfilled which of course is to let the president get re-elected. The situational approach is basically to let the result benefit the largest number of people which in this movie could refer to the president and all of his supporters. They are only concerned about their own and the president’s interests which means that they do not care about the people they hurt along the way as long as the result turn out positive in their favor.

According to PRSA’s Code of Ethics the PR practitioners act unethically in several areas. First of all, they do not seem to show any kind of honesty to the public. The news clip, the song etc. are all based on a fake and mendacious foundation. Furthermore, you can say that they all have a high degree of expertise within the field of producing the news clip but it is certanly not the most fair solution considering the credability towards the public.

The movie title “Wag the Dog” is probably a way of referring to when things get out of control. By that I mean, that if you say “wag the dog” it could be seen as when the tail takes control over the dog and not the other natural way around. This is in some ways almost what happens in the movie. The PR practitioners go from having everything frightening under control to loosing it and slowly turn into being “the underdog” of the whole situation.

Concerning stereotypes I think it is hard for me to determine whether the PR practitioners confirm it negatively or positively i the movie. The whole PR environment seems a little bit superfisial which in some ways are how I imagine the life of a PR practitioner to be. However, it is very obvious that they put a lot of serious effort in their job which is a positive aspect of the whole situation. O

However, when the whole spin is based on a big lie, I think it is hard to see the positive effects and aspects of the situation as a whole.

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The Evolution of Public Relations

February 4, 2009
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Chapter 2 – The Evolution of Public Relations

We took a round and each of us presented shortly what we found was the most important person or event in the specific era.

Early Beginnings in America:

The Virginia Company distributed flyers, brochures and pamphlets to Europe in order to try and allure immigrants to the New World. Along with the making of a new political system came the Federalist Papers.

The Age of Press Agentry and Hype

Phineas T. Barnum introduced new methods in how to promote and entertain e.g. how he made the dwarf Tom Thumb famous. This era is also known for its promotion of American railroads – an attempt to attract tourists to the Southwest which in many cases did pay off. On the political front the early 19th century also saw a development. Activist and social movements flourished througout the mid and late 19th century.

The Age of Public Relations Pioneers

This era is characterized by individuals. Most remarkable Henry Ford (industrialism), Ivy Lee (PR firm Parker and Lee), George Creel (Creel Commitee) and Edward Bernay (the father of modern PR). A lot of other personalities marked this era either through expertise, professional succes or simply just a strong personality.

Public Relations Comes of Age

Economic growth in America which meant that a large numbers of companies needed people with PR skills in order to communicate succesfully with the mass media. Therefore this era is known as a period where communication went through a revolution.

The Next 50 Years

We will see a constant technological development as the social media begins to dominate in several aspects. People will demand a 24/7 possibility of communicating with the outer world as well as always having access to the latest trends and news. People within the field of PR will request specialization in order to become as professional as possible in a certain area. The world of PR is constantly developing and therefore highly qualified communication people are in demand!

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Who said it was gonna be easy…

February 4, 2009
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Well…. Ive been here for over 1 month and still feels like a freakin idiot when Im in class… Ill never make fun of an exchange student ever again!

Just pisses me off when people laugh when were not talking perfectly english!!!

Anyway…now Im looking forward to the weekend – going to Florida with the other Scandinavians yeahuuu!!!! Statesboro….hmm…nothing bad about it….but its kinda boring when you dont have a car!!!

And who would have thought that we were gonna find ourselves sitting at the library until late night…..EVERY night… how du you guys do it?!? Never did that many homework at home 🙂

Now Im almost ready to finish the day…just have to do a blog post in PR – still trying to figure out how to use this blog :S

Tired, hungry (that lake side wrap didnt saturate a lot) and ready to go to bed….wednesday – the day from hell 🙂

Sweet dreams out there 😉

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