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obviously not born to be a blogger…..

March 30, 2009
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… trying to figure out this whole wordpress/openmic/twitter world…

what else is new… living at the library – is it really worth it? hmm hoping to get at least one A with me home 🙂

time’s running and I don’t know how to feel bout that…soon I’ll be back in DK – hopefully as a new an improved better person….hmm… 🙂 or maybe just more rich in experiences and how US people really are 🙂

i’m out of ideas, energy and self-esteem when it comes to blogging 🙂

anywho….still loving it all overhere!!!

//Line 😉


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10 tips to job search and job interviews!

March 3, 2009
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Top 10 tips for job interviews

Before the job interview à the job search:

1.       Use your network. Networking is powerful and should not be underestimated. Don’t be afraid of asking your social network about advice – often people are both willing and able to help you get in touch with persons or firms which could be relevant for what you are looking for.


2.       Create a blog which describes your academic goals, your qualifications etc. or at least become online available in some way e.g. on Twitter. Today most companies use social media in the recruiting process so put yourself out there à this also indicates that you don’t just sit back and wait for them to discover your talents.


3.       Create a strong CV. A professional CV is of vital importance in the job searching process.


4.       Make an effort. Don’t expect that your dream company will track you down and beg you to work for them. Show your surroundings that you are willing to work hard, to develop and learn from the people around you.



Just before and during the job interview:


5.       Do a thorough research about the company or organization. This will enable you to ask sophisticated and knowledgeable questions during the interview. Most employers will probably expect you to have a certain amount of knowledge of the company where you are applying for a job.    


6.       Prepare your personal papers for the interview. This could be extra copies of your resume, academic recommendations etc.


7.       Have a confident and strong appearance = non verbal behavior. Give a positive and convincing handshake as it indicates that you are not uncomfortable with the interview situation. Furthermore, maintain eye contact and sit straight during the conversation.  Don’t be too confident and energetic as it will only indicate too much self-confidence. Be humble but seem ready to meet the challenges of the possible employment.


8.       Dress properly for the job interview which is business like.


9.       Never chew gum, smell of smoke or have your cell phone turned on during a job interview.


10.   Listen carefully to the interviewer BUT have some questions ready yourself that off course are relevant to the job. This shows enthusiasm about the job or the firm.  

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Almost halfway…

March 2, 2009
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Well now I’ve been in the states for 2 months… its been a pleasure so far – hard work but just thankful that I even get these experiences!

Never thought I was gonna spend so much time at the library…hate to admit it, but I actually kinda stated liking it 😀

In 12 days its springbreak yihaaaa!!! Going to Miami with me Danish girlfriend – OMG isnt it gonna be fuuuun… Hope im pumped up with energy when I get back to Statesboro…

Okay this was a quicky but Im off to classes…

Still havin fun and enjoying everything… miss my DK dolls though 😉

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